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Voicestar is the leader for publishers and agaencies--the others sell directly to advertisers


We have been using Clickpath and really like it so far. We track several thousand keywords, all down to the keyword level. Clickpath is really the only service that I have found which can do this. Voicestar would only track to the adgroup level


I do not know about Ingenio or Estara. I have heard of them, but not what we are looking for.
My company has been using Voicestar for the past 6 months, but decided to scrap it. At first it seemed cheaper, and we were told they can track keyword level. What my company found was that it couldn't do that accurrately and without getting outrageously expensive. Also, the article mentioned Call Status. What we found is that Voicestar uses VoIP, which is internet based. That means if our internal server goes down...no more phone calls. In addition, we found that about 40% of the recorded calls were not clear due to static.

Clickpath, which I guess is part of Who's Calling, is what we are using now. It has been about 1 month and we love it so far. I do not have to worry about adding more numbers if I want to do a new campaign, or simply add new keywords to my list. The reports are detailed and what I am looking for. We have been able to identify alot of missed calls, and recaptured them buy calling the person back right away. More important to our sales team, 100% of the calls I have heard so far are clear.

Overall, I am gettiung much more for my dollar with Clickpath.

Rolland Gregg

I just wanted to take a moment and clear up any confusion that might be circling around this discusion in regards to ClickPath.

I am the product & training specialist for ClickPath that helps out in many aspects of the pre/post sales process, implamentation and account management of our clients.

With our truly unique solution you can get a complete picture of where your conversions are coming from. Wether your conversions are happening online or offline we can track it down to the exact ad source. Showing you exactly what your Return On Ad Spend is so a company can optimize not only their keyword bidding down to every individual keyword but also every other ad source they have traffic coming from.

We have clients who track a few hundred keywords all the way up to clients who track well over 20,000 keywords. Some other vendors track groups of keywords, trying to find the most popular groups which can give you an idea of which groups may be performing well but there can be so much variation from keyword to keyword that even that level of tracking is not enough. Tracking all the way down to the keyword is needed to make truly informed decisions about a companies PPC bidding strategy.

The decisions they can make from the data we provide is an industry first. For businesses which a phone call is part of their sales process it's imperative to track those offline conversions so they know where to focus those precious advertising dollars. Since tracking the offline metric accurately is a relatively new option to this industry we've actually prepared a document that illustrates the questions a company should ask when evaluating which vendor to choose. You can request that through clickpath.com

Any further questions please don't hesitate to ask!

Scott and John hope you keep enjoying the benefits from understanding that offline conversion metric!


We tried Clickpath right before they were aquired by Reynolds and Reynolds, a large automotive software company. The thing that really hurt them was that the margin of error on their data was very significant--over 20%. We simply couldn't buy SEM from goog and yhoo on that basis b/c we were optimizing and spending against erroneous data. All of the systems identify missed calls and let you listen to recordings. We have found that both Voicestar and clickpaths can track down to the keyword level. However, what sets Voicestar apart as our preferred solution is their new form to phone product. If you use web forms for lead generation, this solution takes a form and creates an instant connection--its fabulous

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